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"A whole new class of drill, driller, and drilling company"

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Exploration Drilling and the Exploration Industry are evolving while the world needs more resources, yet the industry is unwilling to put up with the way things have been done. Most are slow to adapt and have fallen behind. Drilcor embraces the leading edge and reflects daily on how we can be better; as a company, a team, and an industry leader. Explorers should be able to rely on a drilling industry that can consistently provide the highest level of quality production from a professionally trained work force, operating the best equipment and tooling, at the highest level of safety and respect for community and environment.

Drilcor has set out to give our clients just that; and have identified three key areas of the industry that need much improvement: Drilling Equipment, Driller Training and Company Administration.

Drilling Equipment
In the Omni line we have designed, tested, and produced, for our own use, a drill rig, ancillary equipment, and tooling line that are unmatched and not available to the competition. This allows us to rapidly and flexibly respond to the needs of our clients in a price-efficient manner. The standardization of our equipment greatly reduces the learning curve for new operators and the need for large, costly spare parts for varied models of drills- as is the case of many competitors operating a wide range of makes and models of equipment.

Driller Training
A great group of drillers is a hard thing to come by and takes years of effort to create. One goes to a university to learn geology, business, accounting, but the only way to learn how to be a driller is by slinging wrenches and swinging hammers on hot days and cold nights. Over time, enough knowledge rubs off and a supervisor allows a go at the controls. Don't mess up, and you're a driller. For some it takes months, others years. Either way, once given the title "Driller," it still takes years more to be a good, experienced driller who really know what's going on. This is how every driller in the business got their start. This model isn't good enough for us, nor should it be for the industry. We are contributing to the creation of a better drilling community- not just work to consolidate the best of it. Our approach and strategy has been to create an environment of continued professional learning and development, to approach every helper as a "Driller in Training," and every Driller as a "Supervisor in Training." We have incorporated regular one-on-one training sessions, regularly operate a training drill at our facilities in Durango, and have started, and are evolving, a written curriculum and set of standardized testing. We hope to continue this approach with the ultimate goal of having a full fledged training facility within the near future.

Company Administration
We love technology and embrace it completely. We feel the industry, as a whole, has done a poor job of implementation. A laptop or iPad on a drill rig has normally seen more use for watching movies and playing Angry Birds than any real benefit. Most attempts to add computerization to drill rigs or project administration has resulted in more work and distractions for the drill crews. Any benefits have been primarily seen in the office, not on the project as well integrated computer controlled drill rigs have seen more issues with down time and reliability than any justifiable increase in efficiency. Our approach is to leverage the best platforms available to make the drilling crews job easier, more efficient, and give them something easy to use and want to use. We have been geeks since before we learned how to drill, so it makes a great mix. We have spent the last 3 years developing and deploying iDrill our completely integrated, whole company administration solution. Gone are the days of pen and paper, faxes- even spreadsheets are seldom used. Each team member has access by iPhone or iPad to every bit of knowledge in the company, as well as an extensive set of tools to make their jobs easier.

Although we have, and will, stumble along the way, we know we are equipped with the tools and team to give us the best ability to provide a new, better type of drilling service to the exploration industry. Please learn more about us through this website, contact us to schedule a presentation in person, or swing by and meet us to see what we can do up close.

- The Drilcor Team

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